Starting 09/16/2019:

New offer of a course for adults: Vacation pics digitally edited and then painted with acrylics.

Every Monday at 10.00 a.m. in the Sasel-Haus in Hamburg. I don't have further information in English, you can see it in German or ask for it, I would translate it then.


Spring / summer 2019:

More works on different subjects like abstract, Tuscany, Hamburg, etc., see in latest art, but some are still in the process. My course for students is still running. Preparations for the following cours for adults. Short trips and a trip to China.

Spring 2019

A cusomer photo of the 'Geranium family', just displayed as the eyecatcher of the party. Actually they were looking for an artwork with the Elbphilharmonie, but this convinced them differently. It is one of four, which are combinations of one flower photograph and one blurred photograph of the same motive and then printed on aluminum backing in 80 x 80 cm and painted with oil colors. This one mainly with a spatula.


Instagram review 2018 from the beginning of 2019

These are the most popular posts on Instagram in the year of 2018. In the moment nica_art_studio has around 1000 follower. There are the mixmedia works exposed, as well as photographs and edits, partly with big modifications. And also the hottest news.

Most of the followers are artists, photographers, travellers, specialists for (or interested in) design, decoration, art, photography, picture editing or architecture, collectors or galleries. They are from The United States, Germany, Great Britain, Nigeria and Italy. Or if you take a look at the cities, these are Hamburg, New York City, Melbourne, London and Lagos. The age is between around 13 and 83 years of age, mostly between 25 and 34, 59% are male.

4th - 15th of December 2018, 11.00 am - 7.00 pm. Sunday closed, extended until 01/03:

Taking part in the 'Small treasures 2018' group exhibition. 30% support the culture club 'KulturWerk Rahlstedt e.V.' in Hamburg. Small paintings, sculptures, photos, objects and postcards are part of the Christmas exhibition by over 20 artists. It was running very well for me. A few calenders 2019 are left.

Fotos from there are by Sabine Kisvari.

From the end of August continously

Direction of two weekly courses for students: In experimental acrylic painting and in smartphone photography & editing. One course for adults will follow in September. Because this is only for people living close by and talking German, I have further disccription of courses and other service offers like consulting and interior design only in German. If needed in English, please ask.

May, Summer 2018

Several artworks with tranfer technic/ collage, with acrylic painting (see below 'Greens abstraction', 100 x 100 cm, fullsize image with 5 details) and fluid painting, and some more. Redoing of the website and similars. Enhancements of photography and new skills in editing. Travels to Croatia and Scotland. Preparations for new course offers.

April 2018

The next contract work is finished and delivered. The 'big harbour tone' is an digital edit of three harbour photos printed on aluminum backing in the size of 1 x 1 m and smoothed over and continued the working process with oil colors. With shadow gap frame. It is now in the home of the new, lucky owner in Hamburg, where it's prepared deliberately for it. The view of the wall, the full size work and some details are following:

Interested in invitations / announcements?

If you are not on my mailing list yet, but you like to receive my next announcement (anonymous Bcc), please send a short message and I will add you. If you wish contact in another way it is possible too. Also if you don't like to receive it anymore, please inform me and I will delete the address immediately. By the way these mails are really seldom. I don't give any contact information to others or use it differently. The data privacies are respected.

Special offer in the middle of February

In the moment a provider has a special offer for acoustics pictures. I can give you this offer, but don't know how long it will be. If you have a room with too much reverberation and you would like to get more sound absortion and silence this could be interesting for you. An acoustics print with one of my motives are availabel in different sizes, please ask. One example: In the size of 60 x 100 cm, depth of the panel 27 mm, it costs € 367,- (pickup price in Hamburg-Sasel or close delivery). As a normal canvas print it would be € 189,-.

The panel consists of highly absorbent, light and hard-wearing polyester fiber, which will be fixed frameless and with space to the wall.

 13th of February 2018

We hung up the big harbour scenery at the living room of the proud owner. It looks great, fits to the sofas and everyone is happy!


10th of February 2018

Here are some pics of the opening on Saturday at the Galerieka in Hamburg Eppendorf. Top left it's me and the gallery owner. On the right you see 'The Midnyte Flyte Band' which played wonderful music in another room. Under this is also another room, where the nice speech of Hermann Hinrichsen was held. The others were in 'my' room... It was a really nice opening! I will be there again not later than the 23rd of March (changed because of illness; at least 3.30 - 5.00 pm). I'd be glad, if some will turn up then.  

01/30 - 04/29/2018

Several artworks (one room) will be exhibited at the anniversary exhibition in the gallery art café Galerieka in Hamburg Eppendorf, Ludolfstraße 60.

Vernissage: At the 10th of February, 1.00 pm

I will be there on 01/29 and 04/30, at the vernissage and after appointment. Please contact me. Any more news or appointments in the gallery I will add here.


02/01 - 03/31/2018

My Berlin art, small photographic artworks with oilcolor painting and prints, will be exhibited (in frames and in a folder) in midtown Berlin:

Caro Berliner Art Gallery Shop, Heckmann-Höfe, Oranienburger Street 32, 10117 Berlin.

Opening hours: Mo. - Sat. 11.00 am - 7.00 pm

I will be there only on first and last day.

5th - 10th of December 2017

 Some small artworks are part of the Christmas exhibition 'small treasures' im Cultural Center in Hamburg Rahlstedt

Boizenburger Weg 7. 27 artists offer some of their small formats. A part of the revenues supports the Cultural Center.

Open: daily 11.00 am - 7.00 pm, So. 1.00 pm - 7.00 pm


May and July 2017

Trips to Budapest and Venice and in the Tuscany. More you see step by step in the artworks and on Instagram.


Exhibiton preparations and fluid painting experiments and spatula works. In 2018 something in Hamburg and Berlin is planned...

Spring / Summer 2017

Big and small spatula and painting works on different prints with several themes. Also a blue series of city works, which all fit to one another and which prints are matchable  easily to their surrounding. Furthermore fluidpainting (see picture; pouring special acrylic mix and then different spreading and composing,...) and further experiments with it combined with photography. In future you'll see more.

Trips to Budapest and Italy are planned.

A corridor of a customer with my works.
A corridor of a customer with my works.
Shop window of the gallery Kunst und Rahmen, Eppendorfer Weg 77 in Hamburg, with my works, vita and picture.
Shop window of the gallery Kunst und Rahmen, Eppendorfer Weg 77 in Hamburg, with my works, vita and picture.

February 2017

Start of the offer in the biggest online art site worldwide Fineartamerica, where some of Nica's prints can be purchased worldwide. The search functions are extensive. The offer will increase.

January / February 2017


Art Elephants has selected my art for their big online gallery ( for example they have 29.1k follower on Instagram). Currently they offer three digital works and one mixed media work of mine.

November/December 2016

Artworks, which are bought and ordered, go to the new owners, some are finished first. Here you see a contract work, "Ships in the Harbour" printed on aluminum backing and painted with oil color, for emphasizing, enhancing and for adjusting to the "Harbour tone", which should hang side by side.

More spatula works with oil color.

29th of November 2016

The gallery "Kunst und Rahmen", Eppendorfer Weg 77, in the middle-western part of Hamburg took 25 bigger and smaller artworks to exhibit in their rooms and window. The smaller will be framed nicely. Everything will be ready until January. After that this and the other gallery KuRa, Harksheider Str. 6a (north-eastern), which has some artworks, may exchange works of mine. I remarked under the pics, if they are in a gallery.

Many artworks from the walls of the booth.
Many artworks from the walls of the booth.
The Alsterart was very nice and successful. My booth was really crowded.
The Alsterart was very nice and successful. My booth was really crowded.

13th of November 2016

Me and around 60 other artists have the chance to exhibit their art in "AlsterArt 2016", an exhibition in the huge shopping mall of Alstertal (Hamburg), AEZ. The entrance fee is taken for social projects. I am looking for visitors that day!

Summer - Fall 2016

Small photographs with oil painting, bigger canvases with transfer pics and acrylic paint and summer break with a trip through the States. Preparations for the exhibition.

Toronto, edit summer 2016
Toronto, edit summer 2016
Chicago, edit summer 2016
Chicago, edit summer 2016

June 2016

identity of art Ltd. in Reinbek included my art in their portfolio. They offer art for companies and consult them. Also for contract works.

10th - 12th of June

Participation at an artisan market in Lüneburg in the beautiful, historic bell house. The market was pretty, people in a good temper, some artworks were sold and many interested people were there. Most favored were some small nature, boat and Lüneburg pieces and the big New York and Hamburg works.

3rd of June 2016

The beautiful online gallery Museum of pretty posted my Elbphilharmony pic in all social media. On Instagram alone more than 12000 people saw it. Great, to be part of it! You may see it in: Instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr and wordpress.

since April 2016

The coaching rooms and the eight artworks of entwicklung GbR in Hamburg Rahlstedt are ready and do very well.

In the Hotel Mondial in Berlin you can find my Berlin artworks and prints of them at the elevators on every floor and in a folder. You may also purchase something.

Working on sundries.

New delivery for the coaching rooms, Feb. 2016
New delivery for the coaching rooms, Feb. 2016
Painting with oil color on the print, contract work Feb. 2016
Painting with oil color on the print, contract work Feb. 2016

Automn / Winter 2015 / 2016

Interior design support for new premises of entwicklung GbR, business coaching, consulting, training, including art pieces.

Bigger works (also abstract and of NY) on alu dipond and smaller ones on photo paper, with motives of Berlin, Hamburg and nature.

Preparations for the permanent exhibition in the **** Hotel Mondial, Kurfürstendamm 47, in Berlin.

since July, 2015

Mixed works like before, new membership (since 9th of July) at, with which pieces of art are available worldwide. Summer break.

At the Maler(painter)weekend 2015
At the Maler(painter)weekend 2015

June 27 and 28, 2015

Participation at the 40th painter weekend in the cityhall of Reinbek with 86 exhibitors and many visitors. Nica's art was offered in the big assembly hall and found big interest.

"Gironimo", from 2015, is an example of a trendy editing of a personal photograph combined with chalk drawings. This way a photo of a pet and of business- and hobbyarticles can be edited nicely.
"Gironimo", from 2015, is an example of a trendy editing of a personal photograph combined with chalk drawings. This way a photo of a pet and of business- and hobbyarticles can be edited nicely.

since February, 2015

Several art by Nica is offered by the gallery 'Galerie KuRa', Harksheider Straße 6a, 22399 Hamburg.


January / February, 2015

Revision and complement of the website and completion of the translation. 

Example of art, which is adjusted to individual wishes and surroundings. From 2014, 100 x 70 cm, personal photograph with oilpaint and wooden shadow gap frame.
Example of art, which is adjusted to individual wishes and surroundings. From 2014, 100 x 70 cm, personal photograph with oilpaint and wooden shadow gap frame.

since September, 2014

Different kind of pictures: for special wishes and other art about Hamburg, single other places, nature.


July / August, 2014

Wrap-up, summer break and pictures for individual wishes in different themes. Starting with Instagram and studies of new picture effects.

At the Malerweekend in June 2014
At the Malerweekend in June 2014

June 28 and 29, 2014 

A big exhibition with Nica and 85 exhibitors in the city hall of Reinbek. There was big interest and enthusiasm for Nica's idees and pictures. Some, who wants an own exhibition, possible partners to exhibit and many interested persons in my art, partly with concrete wishes.


May / June, 2014

Photographs with oil paint, finishing of website and printed papers, preparation of the exhibition and new google+ and facebook accounts.


March / April, 2014

Art Composings of Hamburg.


Feb 15, 2014

Beginning of this website. I want to thank the artist Ursu for artistic-business counseling, Julia Emma Schröder for the writing conditioning, the helpers for my translation und my personal Jimdo-expert. Thanks to every helping person!