I was born in Hamburg in 1970 and then lived with my family in Hong Kong for four years. The Chinese culture has influenced me to this day. I spent my school years in Hamburg again and graduated in 1990. Since the ninth grade I knew that I wanted to become an interior designer. I then completed several internships in structural engineering, in a carpentry workshop and in interior design in Hamburg as well as Hong Kong. Along the way, I attended painting courses with Jaakov Blumas at the FH Hamburg in the design department, which shaped me a lot. Blumas taught me amongst others how to create something new to develop an own style. Afterwards I started my interior design studies at the FH für Kunst und Design Hannover. I especially remember the modules photography with Heinrich Riebesehl and painting with Verena Vernunft. I graduated as Dipl.-Ing. (FH) for interior design in 1995. I have done interior design and implementation planning in the areas of gastronomy, hotel business, cruise ships and living - both employed and freelance in Hamburg.


Today I have focused on painting, photography and image editing. Mostly I create compositions from these three techniques. These can be processed photographs on which I paint or spatula, but also with photographs that are incorporated into paintings with transfer techniques or collage. Also pure painting and photo art belong to my work.

Since 2014, my paintings are publicly presented and sold. It began via Internet appearances and exhibitions in Reinbek City Hall, then followed the presentation and sale by the Hamburg gallery KuRa KunstundRahmen in Poppenbüttel, Volksdorf, Eimsbüttel and Eppendorf, which continues to this day.

In the Hotel Mondial on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, I was also allowed to exhibit many works since 2016 and now corridors and rooms are equipped with my paintings. Likewise, the entwicklung gBr gave commission to interior design and several artworks for their coaching rooms.

In 2016, I presented several paintings at the Lüneburg artisan market and at the AlsterArtIn January 2017 some of my  artworks were offered by the large online gallery Art Elephants. Shortly thereafter followed the presentation and sale at the largest online art provider Fineartamerica. Some paintings were shown in the Christmas exhibition of the Kulturwerk Rahlstedt, as well as in subsequent years. In the spring of 2018, many works were exhibited in the Hamburg Galerieka in Eppendorf for three months, as well as paintings of Berlin for two months in the Caro Art Gallery in Berlin city center.

Since 2018 I have been offering painting classes at a large high school in Hamburg.

In 2019 I participated in the water exhibition of the Kulturwerk Rahlstedts and then also in the church Dankeskirche. 2020 I was again allowed to deliver many paintings to the KunstundRahmen galleries and from November I offered my art at Holy Shit Shopping.

2021 appeared an Italian book, 'Visioni notturne al chiaro di Venere' ('Night visions under the Venus light') by Tullio Colombo, for which I was asked to design the book cover. It will soon be published in German. In addition, my works were on display at two exhibitions in collaboration with Viva con Agua: in Kliemannsland and in the Millerntorstadion (Millerntorgallery). On the museum ship Cap San Diego, I participated in an exhibition on the theme of - you guessed it - water, under the direction of Kulturwerk Rahlstedt.

More information about the individual exhibitions and the commissioned works can be read under Topical.

I have two grown children, am married, and still live and work in Hamburg.


 "My work is mostly inspired by nature and architecture. But I also work according to individual wishes, like with customer photos or special fonts. My images are printed on different media, such as photographic paper, canvas and Alu Dibond, and often still painterly processed. I like to create completely new, sometimes abstract perspectives by combining the colorful and vibrant painting with concrete photographs."