You may purchase artworks or print items with all motives of my gallery directly via email. In this shop I offer also a little extra, preferably special sales (the prices of the sales count for all present artworks of same size and type from 2013 - 2017), to make way for new ones. Additionaly I  also offer here some print-on-Demand prints or items to give some price examples for all motives. The terms and conditions (AGB), disclaimer guidelines (Widerrufsbelehrung), worldwide shipping and payment options (transferal or PayPal) are the same. The selling prices include normal shipping in Germany with dhl (for packages of 5 kg and more there is accountability and tracking included), for all other countries and shipping companies please ask. They differ a lot. With the print-on-Demand items I listed every possible media in one size for comparison and at least the smallest and biggest available canvas print (for other medias it might be different) with bulky goods delivery by dhl. If it should be bigger than this the pixel solution must be checked and calculated and another shipping option must be found individually. The delivery time of the Print-on-Demand items depends on the printery shop and dhl and is experiential as indicated. I can make the artworks ready for shipping in about 1 or 2 days, exept when I am traveling or ill, but then I'd inform you about it.

Online you find print artworks and items also at fineartamerica (shipping worldwide from US or GB). If anything is missing here or at fineartamerica, which you like me to add, please give a note. But it would also be fine via email. Individual commission works are possible via email consultation, also with your photos. There are thousands of possible variations for prints and items with just as many prices, so please ask, if you don't find your right choice. I also like to give you several prices for comparison. Little by little I'll add here something. After request immediately.

If you are interested in some kind of cooperation (e.g. interior shop, realtor, gallery,...) please ask seperately. I give discounts for buying several artworks or for promotionally effective hanging in public.


Green of bushes

A fineartprint of a leaves photography, digital edited, also with digital drawing, printed on metallic canvas and painted with oil colors. The premium canvas (380g/qm) is mounted on stretchers of 2 cm in the size of 60 x 60 cm. The print is glossy with a metallic shimmer and UV protection. An original unique with Nica signature of 2017. The watermark of Nica Art Studio is only online on the image. The images on your screen might differ a little from the original.

390,00 € 1

190,00 €

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Shadow gap frame 60 x 60 cm

The shadow gap frame is in real wood, fine coated in black. The thickness is about 34 mm, the shadow gap is 5 - 10 mm. The frame fits for a canvas in 60 x 60 cm and can be ordered additionally to an artwork of this size, assembled already, not without. For example together with 'Green of bushes'. At the back there are wall hangers. The watermark of Nica Art Studio is only online on the image. The images on your screen might differ a little from the original.

75,00 €

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Digital photo art of photographs on photobase papaer with oil painting in about 20 x 20 cm. It fits to a passepartout with a cutout of 20 x 20 cm. The size of the passepartout or frame is 30 x 30 cm (or also 40 x 40 cm). This offer doesn't include them, it is just a recommandation. The photo print is glossy with UV protection. An original unique with Nica signature of 2016. The watermark of Nica Art Studio is only online on the image. The image on your screen may differ a little from the original. 

102,00 € 1

50,00 €

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