Art Composed of photographs, painting and digital image editing

Yeah! My three summer exhibitions really take place! Plus two presentations in galleries. That means you can see some artworks of mine in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Hamburg Sankt Pauli, in the harbor of Hamburg, in Hamburg Poppenbüttel and in Hamburg Eppendorf!

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Compositions of digital and analog and of concrete and abstract art – this combination of artful work are in the focus of Nica’s artworks. The mixture of realistic photographs and painting / drawing surprises with always changing perspectives, new views and technics to discover.


The artist paints or swepts over photographs with paint, mostly oil colors and acrylics. The photoworks of these are often edited and alienated and sometimes several mixed together and then printed on different media like photobase paper, canvas or aluminum backing. Or photo elements are worked inside the painting or added.

Individual artworks considerating your personal desires, the conditions of the room and also with your photographs, logo or materials are possible. Examples you can find in topical. There are also all other news like exhibitions.


The mixed media artworks of Nica Art Studio are shown here in the gallery sorted by topics. The existing size, technic and medium are written under each work. If there is just a format, it can only be ordered as a print, in all sizes and on all media, like the others too. Other variations, like different colors or details could be realised.


Nica Art Studio has a small movie on Youtube, see adjoining. There is also a full account on facebook and Instagram. Some pieces of art are available in  'Galerie KuRa' in Hamburg. Several motives of Berlin you may admire in the Hotel Mondial at Kurfürstendamm. Online you find print offers at fineartamerica (shipping worldwide from US or GB). Directly you may purchase via email and transferal or PayPal, shipping worldwide or go to my shop. Announcements, examples of commission works  and news are at topical.

The process of the commission work 'The pier', in August 2020, in 120 x 80 cm.

Clean energies pictured on a copperplate, Spring 2021

Nature abstractions process video with time lapse, May 2021

Additionally Nica takes small freelance orders in interior design and gives courses in experimental painting and in smartphone photography and editing.


On Instagram you can see besides these mixedmedia works also digital photoart, photos and news. The newest feed you see below. On facebook Nica Art Studio shows the artworks in albums and some information and news. Also the posts from fineartamerica, which are then posted in some groups by Nica Art.

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