I offer painterly digital art from your photo. This offer is new and I might still change anything like a style for example. Here is the description, sample images from three themes (but all photos work for this)


1. Portrait / hobby / job

2. Animal / nature

3. Home / vacation picture.


Then there are price examples and the order process in detail.



Digital image processing has become an essential companion of today's photography. With the help of software, computers, etc. and the same artistic eye, it is not only possible to improve the photo, but also to completely change the image. I have now developed eight different styles, so that eight different, artistic image styles can be selected for your photo. The digital editing includes several digital commands, painterly and artistry effects, that are also produced with artificial intelligence. I show these same styles in three different motif examples. You may buy the digital work or a print of it. If desired, two additional services can be added, namely photo optimization and painting on the print.


The photo must be self-made or you must have appropriate usage rights for it. I assure you that I will not use the attached photo for any other purpose or that I will send it to someone else and that I will delete it immediately if not used. The finished image, whether digital or printed, may only be used for private purposes and may not be reproduced, copied, published or sold without request. The copyright remains with the artist. I allow the posting of the picture if Nica Art Studio appears with it and it is max. 600 pixels in size.


Sample images

The sample images are reduced to 600 pixels for online publication, like all of my online images. When you click on one you can read the style.

1.) Portrait / hobby / job

2.) Animal / nature

3.) Home / vacation picture

Price examples

The price examples are for guidance only. I have chosen three print media and three sizes as examples. However, all media that are described in the shop or in variations are possible in a wide range of formats and sizes. The printed images include shipping within Germany. It would be even cheaper on photo paper, posters or wall stickers.


Image as file 60, - €

Picture on fine art paper, 1: 1 format: in 20 x 20 cm 56, - €, in 50 x 50 cm 67, - €, in 80 x 80 cm 87, - €.

Picture on canvas, 2: 3 format: in 20 x 30 cm 62, - €, in 50 x 75 cm 91, - €, in 80 x 120 cm 167, - €

Picture on aluminum dibond, 1: 2 format: in 20 x 40 cm 79, - €, in 40 x 80 cm 138, - €, in 60 x 120 cm 249, - €

Additional standard image optimization (brightness, contrast, saturation, focus, white balance, black and white strength and section): € 6

Additional 2 extras image optimization, normal effort (from: perspective correction / straight lines, red eye correction, removal of 1-3 small spots / dots, tint / color change / b/w, vignette, blurring / special sharpening of an area, improving resolution): 15, - €

Additional painting at o.a. Pictures 30, - - 180, - €, depending on the size and how much should be painted.

Additional control, original signature and second dispatch with e.g. normal DHL shipping -5 kg: 18, - € (this must be added to the painting)


Process actions

1.) You choose a photo of yourself and send it to me along with this email. For the sake of simplicity and completeness, you can simply copy and paste the following text into the email and fill in / add / delete variants:

Re: request for image processing

Dear Nica,

please offer me the following image processing of my photo (as it is attached):

As a file by email or as a print on paper / canvas / Alu Dibond

For a print: in the size _____ x _____ cm

Style: color duo, colorful, luminous, pastel, rust-turquoise, uniform areal, watery or drawing

The picture should have a digital signature and come straight to me from the printer, so with easy shipping.

Please also offer separately: nothing or

an additional control and original signature (this would also be necessary for additional painting) with further dispatch. Or and

Standard image optimization (the section should stay that way or it should be as follows ...) and / or

2 extras image optimization (namely….?) and / or

Painting (just a few accents / highlights or more painting or background or foreground painted or ...), with acrylic paints or oil paints

(Extra request or question?)


Name, place of dispatch or the whole address

2.) After the present offer and without any ambiguities, this email reply to me follows.

Re: confirmation

Dear Nica!

I hereby confirm the offer from ________ and would like to order this. I pay in advance by PayPal or bank transfer and wait for the information.


Name, address, if the delivery address is different, this also, possibly telephone number

 3.) I confirm this, send payment details and start working after receipt of payment. If you have any questions during work, I ask by email or phone. The picture will be delivered as agreed upon completion.